TMW – Tai Chi Movements for Wellbeing

These are a series of movements with origins in Tai Chi and Chi Kung/Qi Gong. Developed by Tai Chi master Richard Farmer and in consultation with neuropsychologist Dr Richard Quinn, they are a sequence of movements which can be learnt by everyone, young or old, seated or standing.

TMW - Tai Chi Movements for WellbeingLearning TMW could help you for the rest of your life. TMW has shown to have many benefits including:

– Better physical and emotional wellbeing

– Better coordination and balance

– Increased flexibility and improved circulation

– Relief from anxiety and greater self-confidence

TMW - Tai Chi Movements for WellbeingThe principles which underpin TMW reflect the fact that our bodies need to move and breathe to be healthy. When we are too stationary, worried or anxious, this reflects in our bodies and we become contracted and tense.

When the body is engaged in a series of harmonious, graceful movements the mind also flows and relaxes, and a circle of wellbeing is created. Over time the practice of the movements returns us more readily to a place that is centred and more relaxed despite the challenged that life can bring.

The full sequence is learnt over 8 weeks, after there will be opportunity to continue deepening your understanding. A DVD of the sequence is available to support your home practice.  I also run courses on a drop-in basis for beginners and improvers.

TMW - Tai Chi Movements for WellbeingNext course starts

September 2018.
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Tai Chi Movements for Wellbeing