Holistic Healing

Holistic Healing

Holistic Healing is an energy therapy where the healer acts as a conduit in order to support and activate the client’s own healing potential. It differs from Shiatsu in that the healer is less hands-on, more meditative and spacious using very light touch or working off the body.

Holitic Healing with Mercedes NúñezI am trained in both Spiritual Healing and Reiki. ‘Spiritual’ comes from the Latin word Spiritus, meaning ‘breath of life’. Reiki comes from the Japanese word for ‘universal energy’.

In my Holistic Healing approach I use these ways of healing and also my experience in Shiatsu and Eastern medicine to support and activate your own healing potential.

… Holistic Healing is often experienced
as a state of harmony, balance, greater
wellbeing and joyfulness…

Holitic Healing with Mercedes NúñezHolistic Healing differs from Shiatsu in that I am less hands-on, more meditative and spacious, allowing each person’s spiritual wisdom to guide the healing. I use only very light touch or work off the body and this approach is sometimes more appropriate for some of my clients.

Both Shiatsu and Holistic Healing are deeply relaxing and focus on the whole person, not just the manifesting condition or symptoms. Sometimes a physical condition can have its roots in past emotional trauma, mental discomfort or unease in our soul or spirit. When in pain we tend to give our attention to what is ‘wrong’, but during a Shiatsu or Holistic Healing session the focus is also on what is ‘right’ and our potential for growth and renewal.

What happens during your session?

Sessions take place in a warm, safe space where you can explore and look at what might be stopping you from fully embodying your aliveness.

As your healer, I will act as a mirror by facilitating and supporting your process through healing touch. There will be an opportunity to discuss possible changes to lifestyle, exercise and diet as well as the chance to learn relaxation and other self-help techniques that you can practise at home.

A Holistic Healing session can last between 45 minutes to one hour.  Sessions take place on a massage table with the client fully clothed. It is also possible to receive Healing sitting on a chair.

Shiatsu & Energy Healing, Mercedes Núñez, TestimonialHow many sessions will you need?

Initially, depending on what you need, we might agree to meet once a week or once every two weeks, for a few sessions. Thereafter we can meet monthly or every six weeks, or when you need to, if you decide to incorporate  Holistic Healing into your way of life.