About Me – Mercedes NúñezMercedes Núñez MRSS(T)

I have worked for many years as a complementary therapist and teacher and what has always inspired me is the human spirit, its potential for renewal and its courage to heal and learn.  Unlocking this potential is unique to each individual.  At the core of my philosophy lies the belief that we are ultimately our own ‘healing expert’. It is this which drives us towards getting the help we need.  Empowering this expert in others is at the core of my work.

My own healing began with a need to integrate different energies, those of my birthplace and heritage and those of the country that has become my home.  How to return home, to my centre, regardless of the challenges life brings, is what led me to take up in the mid 80s the practices of Meditation and Chi Kung and later Tai Chi and to train in Shiatsu, Healing and Reiki.

I have been enormously privileged to learn from and work alongside many wonderful Shiatsu and Healing teachers and Chi Kung and Tai Chi masters and to have received great support and guidance from great spiritual teachers.  I am committed to my own personal and professional development and attend both personal and peer group supervision.

I am a teacher member of the  Shiatsu Society of the UK (MRSS T) and a member of the Healing Trust (NFSH), qualified to practise both Spiritual Healing and Reiki.  I am also a TMW trainer.  I worked for 12 years for the charity Penny Brohn Cancer Care which helps people with cancer and their supporters.

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